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Model 1054 Receiver Kit      Regenerative 4-Band SWL Receiver


Model 1054  4 band regenerative shortwave receiver kit. Here it is: PROOF that the classic “first receiver” project need not be more expensive today than our favorite 1950’s kits. In fact, this great little receiver beats the pants off those 3-tube radios with the big plug-in coils. Excellent for clubs, classes and family activities. Band coverage: 49 meter SWL band, 40 meter ham band, 31 meter SWL band, plus 12-15 MHz tuning for daytime shortwave listening, 20 meter ham band and all those other shortwave sounds. You can enjoy the basic kit just by hooking up 9 to 12 volts DC, setting up a modest wire antenna (10 feet or more of hookup wire) and plugging in your own stereo headphones (1/8” plug). Features convenient push- button bandswitching, on-off switch, “on” LED, tuning, volume, and regeneration control.


Model 1056 Receiver Kit  "Any Band" Direct Conversion SSB/CW Receiver


Model 1056 single band direct conversion receiver kit. This is your best buy, by far, in a ham band direct conversion receiver kit. It has better audio and filtering than the others, and we supply all of the parts and instructions to let you build it for (or change it to) ANY band of your choice. There are only minor coil and capacitor differences in the simple RF input and oscillator sections of a basic direct-conversion receiver. We give you ALL parts needed to build for your choice of 160, 80, 75, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 or 10 meters! Try out your own multi-band switching ideas. An ideal receiver for use with a homebrew QRP transmitter! MUTE function included for use with your transmitter. We recommend case (undrilled, no holes) TPx-45 for this receiver, available in unpainted aluminum, black or charcoal. Order TP-45 for aluminum, TPB-45 black, TPC-45 charcoal. Building skill level: Beginner to intermediate. Must be able to solder, read instructions, and use small hand tools.

MODEL 1253 - 9 Band Short Wave Receiver Kit


Model 1253 9 band regenerative shortwave receiver kit. The classic “first radio kit” is back better than ever! We’ve combined the very same audio output circuit of Ten-Tec transceivers with a modern FET design for classic regenerative SWL receiving plus one-button electronic band switching. The result is an easy-to-build shortwave radio that’s fun and interesting for the whole family. No alignment required! Simply install all parts as directed, put together the high quality mechanical parts and start enjoying the magic of shortwave radio. Explore 9 smooth tuning SWL and ham bands from 1.8 to 22 MHz at the push of a button! Receives AM, SSB and CW. Features: All parts and cabinet and internal speaker are provided with kit. Just add DC power with 8 internal “C” cell batteries or connect 12-15 Vdc power to rear panel mounted jack. Front-panel RF gain, volume, regeneration, tuning, and fine-tuning controls. Signetics TDA 2611A audio chip provides generous audio output via the top mounted internal speaker or via rear panel headphone/external speaker jack. Electronic push button switching of 9 frequency ranges. Clamshell steel enclosure.

Model 1254 Superhet Receiver Kit


Model 1254 combines the satisfaction of the kit building experience with the performance features expected in a modern HF receiver. Building one’s own receiver from a kit has launched countless thousands of people into communications careers or the hobbies of amateur radio and shortwave listening (“SWLing”). You will build a true dual-conversion superhet with a microprocessor-controlled frequency synthesizer. Digital LED readout. Alignment is easy and does not require complicated equipment. You only need a volt-ohm meter and your ear; the kit provides its own 45 MHz test signal. Project skill level: Intermediate. Not recommended as a first-time kit building project. Estimated build time: 15-20 hours.



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