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Thanks for the clamp for my buddistick. Arrived safe and sound. Wonderful service. Can’t wait to use it on my next activation.

Grant VK4JAZ

Spiderbeam 12 metres (40 ft) Fibreglass Pole

After having multiple fibreglass pole failures of the usual 7M locally sourced ones decided to give Spiderbeam a go, purchased a couple of 12M HD poles have to say impressed by the weight and thickness of the sections. A bit expensive but quality costs.

TTS was very quick in sending these also.

Cliff VK2NP

Review of items bought from TTS Systems for my Buddipole Antenna system

Have found their reply’s to my e-mail enquires quick there prices competitive with online stores and have been happy overall.



Buddipole Deluxe Long Version

As I am very new to the Buddipole and antennas in general, it is probably a little early for me to make a review until I spend a bit more time testing its various configurations. I will definitely get back to you once I can confidently give others a useful opinion.

However, I must say that from what I’ve found so far (i.e. receive only, no transmit), I am very impressed with the Buddipole’s performance from 2 to 30 m.


Brian Powell

Palstar AT2KD

Just finished playing with the new Palstar AT2KD tuner and actually read the instructions first.

What a brilliant piece of equipment love it.

The only thing I’m finding confusing is I put 6 m’s on 50.170 MHz.

Now my little YouKits shows 1:1.1 VSWR 49 Ohms impedance.

I first connected the 6 m line to coax one tuned, followed the rough guide settings transmitted a 50 w cw carrier everything was all over the place my thoughts were not to worry adjust things and see what happens which I did.

After having a fiddle the VSWR was at best a needle width under 1:5.1, didn’t worry the big test was putting 500 w into it not a problem the VSWR stayed exactly where it was set.

I also put the antenna on direct coax 2 same reading amp through it no problems.

Problems with my tri bander on 15 m VSWR just to high to work on put the Palstar my mate on I now have the use of 15 m very happy ham.

I hope this email is informative enough it was a very thorough and exhaustive test that I put it through, recommend it to anyone who questions me about it.

Tony VK7FK